E-lesson aims improving communication, understanding, and self-learning in order to increase the speed of information transfer, processing, and utilization.

Learning management system

Learning Management System is a comprehensive system that monitors effectiveness of the organization's education and training, and deliver shared information in a timely manner. 

Interactive boards

You are striving to transform presentations and lessons from lecture-based monologues into dynamic, vibrant experiences? Distant meetings or briefings are essential part of your activities?

Communicating in the globalizing world requires good language skills! How can you help students improve their language and communication skills?

Multitouch cells

Nowadays visual media and images play more and more important role. Business owners are under an increasing pressure to offer their customers a differentiated solution that can guarantee a return on investment.

about the company

"Edumedia-Azerbaijan" LLC is provider of interactive learning solutions. We bring and develop integrated, interactive offerings into classroom as well as into the business and government sectors in Azerbaijan.

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