Electronic certificate service

One of the next innovations introduced on the portal.edu.az platform is the launch of the electronic certificate service.

What is the specificity of the service and what types of certificates will citizens be able to obtain in electronic form? First of all, let's say that it will be easier, faster and more convenient to get certificates through this service. Users will be able to obtain a certificate of higher, secondary, or vocational education. Also, through this service of platform, our citizens will be able to more easily obtain certificates of study abroad on the basis of the State Program. This service can still be used by those studying in the current year. Improvement work on the service continues, and graduates of previous years will also benefit from this service in the future. Through the service, it is possible to obtain certificates of graduation from an educational institution abroad on the basis of the State Program, as well as the results of examinations for teacher recruitment and diagnostic assessment.

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