Edtech Azerbaijan

Edtech Azerbaijan offers innovative digital solutions to businesses and individuals in the field of education in our country.

As a citizen of the digital world, we all feel the changes technology brings to our daily lives. Educational videos, games, internet resources, virtual reality, augmented reality, educational applications, interactive whiteboards, robots, etc. are examples of such technologies which most affected and changed the education. The use of technology in this area enables learners to access resources from anywhere and anytime, develop their 21-century skills including creativity, collaborating, problem-solving, etc. and let students learn by their own pace. At the same time, it provides new opportunities for parents, teachers and other educational staff. To take advantage of all these opportunities, it is necessary to use the technology in a planned and purposeful manner in the teaching process. This is not an easy task. As Edtech Azerbaijan team we have set out to provide quality services to educational institutions and related individuals who value the quality of education and wants to use modern technology properly.

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