Restoration of Education

A new e-service for students of vocational education has been added to the platform, which combines all e-services provided by the Ministry of Education in a single space.

Thus, the electronic service “Restoration of Education” has been given to the use of citizens for the purpose of continuing the re-education of persons who have left their education in vocational education institutions. This service carries out the restoration of students with a break in vocational education in electronic form. Citizens who want to use the service after registering on the platform, they can enter the “Education Restoration” service and send their electronic applications. If the accuracy of the entered data is checked through the electronic system and the data is confirmed, the student who took a break from his education will be able to resume his studies in the appropriate direction. The new service is an integral part of the unified centralized electronic management of vocational education. The service will provide transparency and citizen satisfaction in this area.

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