Competition and Olympiads one of the educational services offered to the public by the platform is the section “Competition and Olympiads”, which reflects the new mechanisms applied in the management of competitions and olympiads.

Yes, the organization of competitions and olympiads is already electronic. Thus, through the section “Competition and Olympiads” the acceptance of applications to the modern “The Best presentation" and organization of Republican Subject Olympiads were carried out. This mechanism used in the management of Olympiads creates conditions for a flexible and high-quality organization of processes. The advantages are quite a lot. For example, take the electronic acceptance of applications. In this case, students can get information about the competitions and olympiads held through their personal cabinets and apply for participation in a convenient way without going anywhere. After sending the application, students are provided with graduation sheets with the date, place, and other details of the exam. Another advantage is data tracking. It also allows students to keep track of their results, the current stage of competitions and olympiads, and other updates in their personal cabinets. In general, this makes it possible to obtain flexible information about the current status of processes and to check them from anywhere.

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