İTE - Additional education center

ITE training center supports the capacity building of educators and education leaders, the development of the teaching and learning process, and the effective implementation of education strategies.

Innovative Technologies in Education (ITE) training center was founded in 2012. It operates in the fields of education, information technology, and economic development as the training center aimed at applying completely new approaches in the educational process. The main principle is to apply a comprehensive approach, international experience, and effective partnership in their current activities. The goal is to be a reliable center of knowledge and innovation, an expert, a professional consultant, and a transparent partner. ITE training center attaches great importance to the professional development of educators, who are the main beneficiaries of its programs, considers mutually beneficial cooperation to be extremely necessary. Since its inception, ITE training center has been providing solutions in the field of education, drawing on the experience of effective international cooperation and a network of experts.

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