Portal.edu.az is a platform that integrates e-services related to education in a single space.

The Ministry of Education is carrying out important work in the field of electronization of education-related services in order to provide transparent, operative, and resource-saving services to citizens, one of which was the launch of the portal.edu.az platform. portal.edu.az is a platform that integrates all electronic services provided by the Ministry of Education in a single space. By registering on one platform, citizens have the opportunity to easily use the relevant electronic services through their personal cabinets. The purpose of implementation of the service in electronic format is to create conditions for a flexible and high-quality organization of the work carried out in this area, simple and convenient execution of applications. Here, citizens have the opportunity to follow the stage of the application, which creates the basis for the organization of the service in an open and transparent manner. Thus, the portal of the Ministry of Education portal.edu.az is very important in terms of forming a culture of using information technology in society, eliminating the waste of time by integrating e-education services in one place, and implementing various processes through an electronic system. One of the main reasons for the public's sympathy for this innovation is to ensure transparency and citizen satisfaction.

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